Tailor Made Customs Compliance Solutions

Welcome to Customs By Lisa, your trusted partner for navigating the complexities of customs compliance. My website offers a wide range of services to ensure your business meets all regulatory requirements, from customs audit support and tariff classification to import/export assistance and C-TPAT validations. Whether you are dealing with USMCA/CUSMA verifications or seeking customized documentation templates, I am here to provide expert guidance and support.


Lisa Desjardins, Customs Consultant



When your imports or exports are being audited by U.S. or Canadian customs authorities, I provide comprehensive support to ensure a smooth and successful audit process and outcome.


During a C-TPAT validation, I provide a thorough and detailed process to ensure your business meets the security standards set by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).


I will confidently navigate the USMCA/CUSMA verification process, ensuring that your goods receive the benefits of this trade agreement and that your business remains compliant.


With my expertise, you can ensure that your products are accurately classified, minimizing the risk of penalties and optimizing your duty payments.

By obtaining a customs ruling, I will achieve greater predictability and reduce the risk of disputes and delays during the customs clearance process.

If you have overpaid duties on your imports, recovering these amounts through is a vital process. I can assist you in this process from the beginning to the end.

Navigating the process of listing imports and exports to Canada can be complex. My services streamline this process, ensuring compliance and efficiency. 

Understanding the process of listing importing and exporting to the USA can be complex. My services streamline this process, ensuring compliance and efficiency. 

Creating customized customs documentation templates for your business is essential for streamlining the import and export process within North America.